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DMS is pleased to present an interview with Mr. Kamal Dasgupta, Director of Toyo Engineering India Limited. Mr. Dasgupta was interviewed by Carmen Woolacott, DMS’ Editor for UAE.

Mr. Dasgupta holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, his first assignment was working at Stewarts & Lloyds in India. He has been working with Toyo for 27 years and was a member of the Board of Directors for nine years. His current role is Director of Toyo Engineering India Limited, he is in charge of the GCC region and responsible for Business Development and Project Implementation.

How is Toyo Engineering India Limited structured?

Toyo Engineering India Limited (Toyo India) is a subsidiary of Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC). TEC is a world renowned Engineering and EPC Contracting Company and have subsidiary companies and offices all over the world. The Indian subsidiary, Toyo India was established in 1976. Currently TEC holds 74% in the equity of Toyo India.

How many employees work at Toyo India?

At present Toyo India’s employee strength exceeds 1,100 and it is increasing at a steady pace.

What have been the most significant achievements for Toyo India in the past year?

During the past year or so Toyo India has rapidly increased it’s market share by exploiting the high investments in Oil & Gas and other related industries both in India as well as in other parts of the world.

Toyo India received repeat orders for the following projects, which highlighted the confidence and trust of its customers:

  • LNG Terminal for Petronet LNG Limited, India.
  • Ethylene Plant for Haldia Petrochemical Corporation, India.
  • EO/EG Plant for TEC / Saudi Arabia.

Some of the other major contracts secured by Toyo India are:

  • C2-C3 extraction from LNG for Oil & Natural Gas Commission, India.
  • Naphtha Cracker Plant for Indian Oil Corporation, India.
  • Ethylene Plant for TEC / Shell, Singapore.
  • PMC Services for Residue Upgrade for Indian Oil Corporation, India.
  • PMC Services for Aromatic Complex for Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemical Ltd., India.
  • Gas Import & Storage Project for Margham Dubai Establishment, U.A.E.
  • Flare Gas Recovery Project for Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Co. (TAKREER), U.A.E.

What are the most recent projects that Toyo India is involved in and their current status?

The following are Toyo India’s current major assignments:

  1. Flare gas recovery project, Ruwais refinery, TAKREER, U.A.E.
  2. Naphtha cracker complex revamp project, Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd., India.
  3. 65 TPD sulphur recovery unit for HPCL, Visakhapatnam, India.
  4. LNG terminal expansion for Petronet LNG Ltd., India.
  5. PTA plant of MCC PTA India Corp. Pvt. Ltd., Haldia, India.
  6. C2, C3 C4 extraction 5 MMTPA throughout of rich LNG for ONGD, Dahej, India (in consortium).
  7. 700,000 TPA Ethylene Glycol / Ethylene oxide plant, Sabic, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.
  8. 3,000 TPD Methanol plant for Oman Methanol Co., Oman.
  9. 58 MW Combined cycle power plant for Regency Power Corporation Ltd., India.
  10. Gas import & storage project for Margham Dubai Establishment, U.A.E.
  11. Engineering services for Ethylene plant, Shell, Singapore.
  12. Engineering services for Naphtha cracker unit for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., India.
  13. Residue upgrade and MS/HSD quality improvement for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., India.
  14. PMC services for Aromatics complex for Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemical Ltd. India.

What are the biggest challenges you face doing business in U.A.E.?

There are many challenges in establishing a business operation in a new country. Toyo India faced similar challenges while they established their operation in U.A.E. Some of them are:

  • The system to establish a foreign company is complex and takes a long time.
  • There are several international companies that have been established in U.A.E. for many years and it is difficult to penetrate the market.
  • The current trend of the project owners is to make the EPC tender package very large by clubbing several facilities together. Typically the estimated values of such packages range from one half to two billion USD. For small or medium scale companies like Toyo India it is difficulty to participate in such large EPC tender packages.
  • The cost levels for office premises and accommodation facilities in U.A.E. have gone up significantly.
  • There is an acute shortage in availability of skilled and experienced engineers. The salary level has also gone up significantly.
  • Due to very high investments in projects in the region, there are difficulties in obtaining basic construction material and equipments and the cost levels have also gone up significantly.

What is Toyo India’s growth plan for the next five years?

Toyo India has drawn up an ambitious growth plan keeping in mind a very high level of new investments that are anticipated in the industries served by Toyo India. During the next five years Toyo India plans to increase the turnover by 125%. To cater for such a growth plan Toyo India would also expect to increase its manpower by approximately 60% during the same period.

What are the reasons behind the success of Toyo India?

There are many reasons that have contributed to our success. The following reasons are just some that highlight the contributing factors:

  • Support from it’s parent company TEC in terms of technology, modern tools and similar facilities.
  • Through joint execution of several projects in association with TEC all engineering and project management standards and systems in Toyo India has been established on a par with international levels.
  • A significant number of engineers are trained in TEC projects by deputing in the TEC office in Japan for a period of one to two years. Thereby many of Toyo India engineers are well exposed to world-class projects.
  • By adopting a strategic approach and utilising a high level of technology in the operation.

Is there anything else about Toyo India that you would like to share?

As I mentioned earlier, TEC has several subsidiary companies in diverse locations such as India, China, Korea, Malaysia, Europe and the Americas. TEC management have developed the concept of “Global Toyo” whereby the resources and experience of subsidiary companies will be utilised in an optional manner so as to maximise the efficiency of the business operation in each of the companies. Through such a “Global Toyo” approach it is expected that Toyo India will also benefit significantly in the near future.

How do you find the DMS tracking system?

We have found the DMS tracking system to be satisfactory given the large volume of data on projects in various countries.